The White Dress

I have linked this story to Rebel´s Notes Wicked Wednesday meme. It is a translation of a story I wrote in Dutch, called ‘De Witte Japon’ Reader´s advice: this story is longer (2800 words) than most Wicked Wednesday stories.


The White Dress

Wait, what was that? A small irregularity? A minor disruption? A different rhythm maybe?  The more he listened, the louder and more irregular the thumping in his chest became. “I can hear your heartbeat, Luke,” Meryl had often said when they laid exhausted in each other’s arms after sex. But that was then and long ago. Now he was single and listened nervously to the wild pounding of his heart. He put on his shoes and coat and got into his car. He started driving without a plan, without a destination, yet he did have one goal: to stop the maddening thumping in his chest.

At the end of the day he drove through the autumn woods when a dark shadow appeared in a clearing at the edge of the forest. At first he thought of a deer but as it approached he saw that it was the silhouette of a naked woman. She had a beautiful hourglass figure with big round breasts and wide hips. Her long brown hair hung in strands over her face and stuck to her breasts. She was dirty, lumps of mud clinging to her light skin. With her naked, natural beauty she looked like she’d stepped out of a festival film from the sixties. She ran towards him, flagging him down with her arms. Hesitation and fear had him undecided: should he slow down or accelerate?  A horny curiosity got the better of him. He stopped and lowered the car window just a tiny bit.

“Help me get out of here. Please, take me with you!” she cried as she frantically tried to push the window down further.  

“What’s wrong? Is someone chasing you?” he asked concerned.

“Please take me with you, please!” She begged him with large, craving eyes. Her gaze was bewitching. He felt all thoughts in his head evaporating on the spot. He heard the furious barking of dogs approaching through the woods.

“Take me with you,” she said. “Please!”

He looked at her erect nipples and the huge light brown areolas around them.  A thoughtless vagueness took hold of him and without speaking he opened the door. Wet, naked and shivering she sat down in the passenger’s seat beside him. “Do you maybe have a blanket for me? I am so cold.” she asked him. He glanced at the goose bumps on her beautiful thighs. Her skin was wrapped tightly around the succulent flesh of her body.

“I’ve got a blanket on the back seat,” he said. “Can you reach it?” She reached out for the plaid and covered her breasts and shoulders with it. “Sorry, I’m having my period” she said shyly. She reclined a little and spread her thighs apart so that Luke could see that she had smeared a dark blood stain on the seat where Meryl had used to sit.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said discreetly. He was eagerly expecting her to pour her heart out to him, telling him in great detail about the gruesome ordeal she had been through, but she did not speak anymore. She sat silently and watched the trees as they passed. “Hungry,” she said when they left the forest. “Hunger and thirst.”

At home he heated two microwave meals and they ate in silence, each on one side of the large wooden dining table. But still the same evening she sat beside him behind his computer, running her hand softly up and down his neck while he bought her clothes. Two sets of underwear, a suit, a pair of jeans, two white blouses, a red turtleneck sweater, one leather jacket and three pairs of shoes. In the end it added up to quite a considerable sum, but as she sat beside him, warm in his bathrobe, it did not seem to matter that much for the moment.

“Thank you Luke,” she said. She looked at him so long that he had to look away. After subduing him with her eyes, she smiled satisfied. “Do you maybe have a drink for me?” she asked. Her kind request sounded like a command to his ears. He stood up and walked to the sideboard where he kept his wine bottles. As he sought out a nice bottle for her, he heard a lascivious sigh behind him.

She had reclined on the black leather couch and opened her bathrobe. Underneath it she was still naked and although she had taken a long bath, she still scented wild and primitive like the woods she had appeared from. She spread her smooth, fleshy thighs and said, “You know I have my period, right? Don’t you want to get your reward? You may now lick me.”

It was a long, long time ago since Luke had licked a woman. Since his wife Meryl had expelled him from their house, he had been out of luck. Four, five years maybe? He could not remember it exactly. In any case, Meryl had never asked him to lick her while she was menstruating. Now that this strange and beautiful woman wanted to be pleased by him during her period, he felt set free and slightly rebellious against his past. He kneeled down in the small space between the sofa and the glass coffee table in front of her pulled-up legs. He pressed his mouth against her incredibly fragrant cunt and dipped his tongue inside her river of lust. She sighed with pleasure and relief and moaned softly. As he licked her creamy vulva like a dog she spoke quietly to him, not with her voice but with her most exciting and intimate female fragrances and flavors. Gasping for breath she climaxed under the smacking movements of his tongue and then she pushed him away. He stood up, stunned and dazed like a man intoxicated by the sulphurous vapours from a volcano. She kissed him on his mouth, that tasted of her own juices.

“Enough is enough. Now I want to sleep,” she said. “You will sleep on the couch,” she added. His heart pounded as hard as ever. But it troubled him no more. Watching a cooking show on television he spent the night alone in his living room and fell asleep at a quarter past one.

The next morning his alarm rang at a quarter past six. Confused he woke up. Startled, he realized that he needed to go to work. What about that woman? He did not even know her name. Shit! Now he noticed the taste of her cunt in his mouth, a complex mixture of blood, urine, secretions, coffee, red wine and other fluids, flavours and aromas. He put the kettle on in the kitchen and ran upstairs to get his clothes, take a shower and brush his teeth. Having opened the door of his bedroom very cautiously, he saw her sitting on the edge of his bed, wide awake and active. She was still wearing his white bathrobe and had put a glass of hot tea on the bedside table. He noticed that she was working on his tablet. Although she noticed that he had entered the room, she did not look at him. Indecisively, he lingered in the doorway. “Good morning,” he said as gently as possible. Is everything ok? I want to get my clothes. I need to go to work.”

Only now she looked up from the tablet.

“Today my clothes will be delivered. After that, I will go out to follow up some issues. But I will need some money,” she said.

“Money? Why? How much then?” he asked anxiously, with the account of last night´s internet purchases still in mind.

“Why? Seriously? You ask me why? Because it just happened that I did not have my purse with me when I was fleeing naked through the woods, that’s why! Five hundred euros will be enough for now,” she said. “Oh, and something else:  as you have not asked me what my name is, I take it that you are apparently not interested in knowing. So I want you to call me Madam or any other name that sounds respectful. Just surprise me with your creativity. “

“Luke´s day at work was a nightmare. His heart pounded in his throat and the blood throbbed in the thick veins on the sides of his forehead. At lunchtime he called home, but there was no answer. How would he call her from now on? Would she actually still be there when he got home? Would she have gone out, shopping with his money, spending all of it? Or would she just have ransacked his house? These days you heard so many disturbing things in the news…

When he came home she was still there, still working on his tablet. But she had now put on a white blouse and a formal suit. Apparently the clothes he had ordered yesterday for her, had been delivered. She wore brown boots with block heels and he suspected the exciting red lingerie beneath the blouse and the suit, but he did not dare to ask her about it.

“Oh, you only just arrived? ” she said, looking up from her tablet. “By the way – and she picked up the red lingerie sets – you can return these two, they are too large for me.  I think in recent years my breasts have shrunk due to a lack of males,” she said with a peculiar reflection in her eyes.

She went upstairs to take a bath and he switched on the television to watch the news. To his horror, her face appeared on the screen in the very first news item. His heart skipped a few beats and he gasped. It was a mugshot, one up front and one in profile. Even on that stupid police photo she still looked dazzling and her feminine sensuality splashed over the screen. He listened aghast: …a trace of extremely violent assaults … escaped from detention…firearm … dangerous …

He heard water running in the tub upstairs. Should he call the police?  He had the phone in his hand. He thought of the smell of her creamy cunt. Sweet and salty. He also thought of the day Meryl had expelled him from their house. Bitter. And when she came in with a black pistol in her hand, he had still not decided what to do.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said. You think: should I call them or not? But do not worry. You do not have to think or choose. I will do that for you from now on.” She pressed the gun on his forehead. “Just take off all your clothes for starters,” she said and sat down in the armchair by the table in the corner.

Trembling with fear he stripped himself naked. She pointed with the gun towards the sofa. “Go over there and kneel on your hands and knees with your head in the pillow and your ass up in the air. She smiled. And because you could not come up with a respectful name for me, I want you to call me Murderess from now on. I’m very proud of it. Just ask my ex-husband.”  

By the soft creak of the arm chair he could tell that she got up and by the clacking sound of her boots on the wooden floor he heard that she approached. Then he felt that she pushed the long muffler of the gun into his anus. The cold metal was hard and he felt her free hand fondling his balls curiously. “You know, cunt licker,” she said softly. “I like it when I see your tiny penis shrink with fear, I really enjoy that.” She let two fingers slide gently from his exposed anus down to his scrotum. Under a suffocating blanket of terror he felt that something began to tickle deep in his tightly drawn scrotum. She pressed the long black muffler hard, yet smooth, against his prostate. Tenderly she scratched him on the back of his ball sack. When she saw the rhythmic undulations of his perineum she knew that he had started to ejaculate. She then pushed the gun further up into his rectum. He could hear her heavy panting up close and the click of the safety catch. He even felt the warm radiation of her skin and just when he thought she was going to pull the trigger, she pulled the now lukewarm muffler of the loaded gun from his arsehole.

“I wanted to do it,” she said. “Firing a bullet through your ass. Just for the fun of it. Or rather, curiosity. I wanted to see you perish, screaming and shrieking in pain. It would have turned me on to watch you convulsing on the floor, kicking yourself in a pool of your own blood. I wanted to know if you would have had a hard-on when you died.” She looked sad and disappointed and said, “I wanted to do all of that. And I really still want to do it…  but with you I can´t…” Suddenly she kissed him passionately on the mouth.

Luke was obviously terribly frightened and shocked. But at the same time he was no longer afraid of her. On the contrary, he let her elegant hands caress and pet him like a little dog. Crying with his eyes closed, he felt himself sink into a deep state of total submission. His head was now resting safely in the warm lap of the woman he had to call Murderess from now on.

-./ \ –

“Come on up,” she said. “I had the whole day to think and I´ve made plans. I have such a great idea! Let’s play! Let’s go and play with each other’s dreams! Me first! First my dream. First mine!”

She ran upstairs and then everything remained strangely quiet for a considerable period of time. It was only after one hour had passed that he had assembled enough courage to call: “My Murderess, is everything alright?”

The bedroom door opened and he saw her striding solemnly and calmly down the narrow stairs. She smiled and held a bouquet of white roses in her gloved hands and wore a splendid white wedding gown, although he could see that underneath she was naked. “Oh my god, you are wearing Meryl’s bridal gown,” he said in shock. “But Meryl had red roses when we got married,” he stammered somewhat clumsily. She smiled silently under the white bridal veil. “Yes, but this is a new beginning, that is why I chose these fine white roses. Oh, I’m so fond of that flower symbolism, it’s so magical, so romantic!”

Luke began to feel uncomfortable. Things were moving just a little too fast for him and he found it difficult to keep up with all these emotions, events and developments. “How did you find this gown?” he asked as politely as possible, taking care not to put too much weight on any of his words, which could easily be misinterpreted by her as being disrespectful, or even reproachful. Shocked by his own boldness he waited breathlessly for her reaction.

“I did some shopping in the village today,” she said simply. “Everything was on your tablet, addresses, even Meryl’s address, everything … but let’s go,” she said.” Let’s go to the woods!”

While driving she grabbed herself in the crotch and rubbed the white dress between her legs. “Oh God, this is soooo good … she moaned panting. I’m still having my period Luke, look, my blood on Meryl’s bridal gown … she lifted the robe and started fingering herself squeaking and squealing to a fast climax and then she wiped her cunt clean with the expensive white lacy fabric. She showed him the bloodstain on the wedding dress. “Look how she turns me on, Luke. And I don’t even know her!”

Luke felt like he was in an attraction park, stuck in the ride of the haunted house, without the possibility of leaving or stopping.  But why would he, because this was the ride of his life! He felt overwhelmed by a dark rush that was so intoxicating and exciting that he did not even feel how his terrified heart was pounding in his chest.

At the edge of the forest they stopped at a petrol station that Luke knew all too well. “Stay put,” she told him. “Do not come with me and do not watch anything.” She looked at him with her big eyes full of love.” This has always been my dream, wearing such a beautiful dress. Thank you, my sweet Luke.”

Luke did not understand what she thanked him for.  He also did not ask himself why she had stolen the dress from Meryl’s house.

He had not even the faintest idea what the Murderess was planning to do, just before closing time, in the remote petrol station where Meryl worked.


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